Projects and Applications I've Completed

  • Verizon UCC Toolbar - A plugin toolbar for Microsoft Outlook versions 2003, 2007, and 2010 that enables the use of Verizon web and audio conferencing tools. A simple click on the toolbar creates instant or scheduled web and voice conferences in Outlook, or also starts a web moderator tool.
  • EMMA (Exchange Mailbox Management Application) - A custom developed application that utilizes a web service engine close to the Microsoft Exchange servers commanded by a lightweight Windows GUI application. Specifically designed to perform batch applications, such as enabling or disabling thousands of mailboxes, moving mailboxes, validating email addresses, and other common requirements, based on a list of email addresses. EMMA is an internally developed Verizon application.
  • MobileUpdate - A Mobile Device Management (MDM) system that manages Windows Mobile handheld devices. A small application runs on each handheld that connects via web services to a corporate server that commands the handheld to complete various tasks, such as downloading files, installing new application, prompting the user, setting registry entries, and other instructions. A database tracks all handheld devices and allows you to assign jobs to specific handhelds, groups of handhelds, specific models, or all corporate owned devices. A Windows GUI command console enables easy management. MobileUpdate is an internally developed VerizonBusiness application.
  • WiSSH (Windows over SSH) - Combined the security of SSH tunneling with the convenience of Windows Remote Desktop Protocol technology. WiSSH is extremely easy to use for end users and also provides a sophisticated network management interface. Most network administrators will not allow such services as GoToMyPC because of the huge security implications, and many find VPN services to be unreliable and hard to support. WiSSH can run from a USB memory stick and requires no network changes or software installation to the client system.
  • VerizonBusiness IMManager Deployment ( - IMManager provides anti-virus/anti-malware services to corporate instant message environments. We deployed a system of IMManager cluster servers to protect VerizonBusiness clients from malware propagated by AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and Googletalk public IM services along with the corporate IM systems from Microsoft Live Communications Server and Lotus Sametime.
  • Windows Mobile Deployment Tool - A custom deployment application that enabled end users to install and provision Windows Mobile 5/6 handhelds in the corporate environment. The application would download and install the actual ActiveSync 4.5 application, then provided a step by step GUI to the end user to install corporate required software. The wizard would install a trusted root certificate, Symantec Mobile Security Suite, MobileUpdate management, and other applications as necessary, while displaying to the user screenshots and other aides to a successful installation.
  • ED - The Exceptions Database for JP Morgan bank. ED provides an early web based method for bank employees to track, manage, and authorize changes to customer bank accounts in an extremely secure manner. The ability to customize the approval path based on business unit and amount of the account claim provided great flexibility. Implemented AJAX style page updates years before the term AJAX was coined, and several years before the patent was issued. The processes and interface methods created in ED are still utilized by development teams at JP Morgan.
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