C-Pole Antenna

I've constructed a variation of the C-Pole antenna found here and here.  Since I use a tuner and would like all band operation as much as possible, I had to avoid the resonant lengths of "random wire."  So I created this tuned at 16.100 MHz.  This keeps the resonant multiples farthest away from all bands.

The poles are made from fiberglass, with the vertical being 1/2" diameter, and the cross pieces being 3/8".  and all wire is normal 16 gauge.  My version is slightly different from the models shown on the links above, as I use a single side vertical post, with 2 cross beams, and the other side is simply free wire.  Total vertical height is 16'. 

Typically this is used vertically, but I have actually found the performance works well as shown in the two pictures below, simply hung from the 6' tall fence horizontally.  Although the free wire is the driven element, I've found almost no difference between the two configurations in both transmitted and received signal strengths.  I had a QSO with an operator in Japan yesterday and Spain today with the lower configuration on PSK31 using about 30 watts.

This makes an excellent stealth HF antenna for use in HOA environments.  Another way I have mounted this antenna is simply hanging it in a tree which hides it perfectly.  No ground plane is needed, as a ground element is built into the antenna.  With a capable tuner, such as the SGC-239 I am using, you will get excellent results in space or visibility limited locations. 


Swung with the driven element above the fence.


And below.