Hi, and welcome to my personal website.  Mostly I use this as just a record of a few things I've done.


Living With Concealed Carry

I recently wrote a book on Concealed Carry tips and training for beginners.  For a beginner, there is so much you don't know about concealed carry.  This book covers practical matters like:

  • Selecting a holster.
  • Contact with police.
  • Traveling and flying with firearms.
  • Selecting the right ammunition.
  • Getting over being self-conscious.

You can get it here for the Kindle.  Soon will also be available on the Nook.

Recently I have created the software package Shot Works Pro, which performs firearms inventory, keeping all data highly secure with strong encryption.  Previously I created a software package known as WiSSH, a Windows RDP over SSH client for remote access to corporate networks, used by many companies around the world.

rackimageI'm a licensed Amateur Radio Operator (K0ZZZ) and I'm learning to play the banjo.  I enjoy astronomy, leaning towards astro-physics.  I also am a big fan of history, particularly the most ancient cultures such as Sumeria, Mesopotamia, and Greece.  I have a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology Security, and am currently working on a Masters of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.

You can view my resume here.


A good measure of your career working with computers is your certifications.  Here's a partial collection of the ones I've earned.


cisspCEH Certified Ethical Hacker ccda IBM_PSE2 IBM_Specialist



CompTIA-Aplus  CompTIA-Netplus